Mindful - Marketing

From today onwards, your marketing will never be the same again.

The old models of marketing are outdated and whilst working well to get us to where we are today, they are quickly being overtaken by value-led, ethical and purpose driven strategies.

Mindful marketing builds upon our Mindful Marketing Mix: Purpose, People, Process and Profit.

If you don’t think anyone is doing this yet in your sector, then you haven’t been watching closely enough! 

Mindful - Leadership

We work with ambitious and self-aware leaders and business owners to empower them with best practice mindful business tools and expertise.

Mindful leadership is all about gaining a deep understanding of your skills, values and higher purpose and of course, those around you.

We passionately believe the best results come from the inverted management structure, where leaders sit under and support their people. There’s no ‘boss at the top’ in the successful business of the future.

Mindful - Talent Development

Steve Jobs once said, “Why would I employ talented people and tell them what to do. We employ talented people and let them tell us what to do.” We help you deeply understand your people and the talent they can offer, to collaborate with you in pursuit of your mission.

Using tools such as Myers Briggs psychological preferences, we work individually and collectively with you and your team to empower, enable and inspire.  

Mindful - Recruitment

Recruitment used to be all about CVs and Interviews. In the mindful business of the future there are new ways of ensuring, at low risk and best return, that you attract, engage and retain the top talent available to you.

Mindful recruitment is about preparing and sharing with potential recruits, your values-based profile. Today you are being assessed more than you are doing the assessing.

We have some innovative and proven ways of aligning your opportunities with the right talent at the right time. You won’t have to accept a dry CV or predictable interview process ever again.