Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to help to improve the lives of people and businesses by bridging the gap between business and ethical decision making. We want to make sure all businesses are acting ethically and sustainably as well as making great profit.

We have the tools, partners and methodology to empower you and your people and to help you develop the strategies to ensure you are a sustainable, ethical and profitable business, into the future.

Our working style is pragmatic, thoughtful and collaborative. We balance this with innovative ideas and challenge your status quo. After all, we created The Mindful Collective. Would you expect anything less?

The consultants

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Neil Wilkins

Having spent the last 30 years in marketing and commercial roles across a wide range of industries including telecoms, government, manufacturing and financial services, I’ve seen many changes. One thing that’s becoming clear is that the businesses that will succeed in the future are those that operate with a clear higher purpose, ethically and sustainably.

The old ways of doing business, simply for profit-sake, are long gone. Today’s growth is all about creating exceptional value, a deep understanding of customers and establishing lifelong relationships with them.

If you begin your business solely with a goal to make money, then you’ve lost at the start line. If you find your higher purpose, balance your processes and work with people who share your purpose and values then you begin to make sustainable profit.

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Joe Pereira

I started early within business, from as a young as 10 years old I was involved in a family run hydraulic manufacturing business, the practical way of learning to build, to solve problems, finding out how things worked and if there were ways to improve them. The same curiosity and approach extends to the work I do today.

Being part of The Mindful Consultants allows me to help improve businesses and put them on a path towards a more economic and environmentally sustainable future.

I also believe there are a rising amount of people that are simply asking why things have to be done the same ways as they’ve always been. I’m extremely passionate that the tools we have developed with The Mindful Consultants can be an instigator and facilitator of change both to individuals inside of organisations and to a company or industry sector as a whole.

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Sonya Wilkins

After ten years spent in people development and change agent roles, I have recently begun to resurrect my journey of self discovery and learning. I’ve completed level 2 MBTI practitioner training as well as a range of holistic programmes that draw together complimentary threads that facilitate mindfulness in others.

I focus on enabling leaders, managers and their teams to inspire, empower and develop on our collective journey to a better commercial planet.

My passions are facilitating exceptional insights and progress in the fields of People & Team Development, Coaching & Mentoring, Personality Testing, Process & Efficiency Strategies.

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